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Oregon Leads the Way in Greenbuilding

February 29th, 2012 Posted in Green Buildling

 As Published on the Oregon Remodeling Association website at

What is green building?

The term “green building,” refers to a new way of designing and constructing homes to increase performance and enhance the health and experience for people who live there.

A green building:

  • Saves energy and water
  • Reduces material use
  • Protects the site
  • Uses low-impact materials
  • Maximizes longevity and durability
  • Minimizes waste
  • Makes the home healthier
  • Recycles existing buildings products

Why build & remodel green?

It makes sense. Every decision you make while remodeling and building has an impact on your health and the environment. Whether you are planning a simple or complex project, if you plan ahead, you can make green choices that achieve your goals and dreams of a high-performance, healthy and beautiful home.

Does green cost more?

No matter what your style and budget, you can build green by making informed choices. Some green options may cost more upfront, but significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs over time. Other green options cost the same as typical products, but perform better and are more environmentally friendly.

Are green products hard to obtain?

It is no longer difficult to find beautiful, sustainable building materials. Your options range from the traditional natural linoleum to recycled glass tile, recycled rubber roofing and sustainably harvested lumber. You can use the latest technologies or 100-year-old salvaged materials to achieve high-performance, healthy and low-impact remodeling and building.

What remodeling choices are “green”?

Today there is an expanding spectrum of green building options for your home. You can begin by choosing deconstruction, less toxic paints or an energy-efficient dishwasher for a kitchen remodel. You can replace your lawn with drought-tolerant natural plants, reclaim your rainwater and install efficient windows.

Green building is growing in popularity with good reason – it makes sense. Building Green is also about adventure and exploration – finding those one-of-a kind pieces of salvaged wood or lighting fixtures that add character to your living room or learning new ways to save energy and save water. Your decisions help drive sustainability in the marketplace, ultimately creating more cost effective green product choices.

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