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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Faucets

March 29th, 2012 Posted in Bathroom Design

There are many choices when it comes to bathroom faucets and it can seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

First consider your budget. Prices for faucets have quite a range, depending on the quality. There are many inexpensive faucets that have plastic interior components. These plastic components will most likely not hold up very well with frequent use. There are many contractors who do not guarantee the installation work, if the home owner chooses faucets with plastic components.

A style that fits your décor is an important consideration, but the configuration of the sink needs to be kept in mind as well. If you choose a vessel sink, is there enough space behind the sink for the faucet or should the faucet be installed to the side?

If you have chosen the sink before the faucet you need to pay attention to the holes that are already in place. The faucet must be compatible with the sink holes and spacing. There are two standard configurations, one is a centerset and the other is widespread configuration. The spread is usually between 4 and 8 inches. In the centerset configuration, the handles and the spout are combined; the widespread configuration has the faucet handles separate from the spout. Mounting configuration is also important. The plumbing requirement is different for a wall faucet installation compared to a countertop installation.

Finishes, which is the surface treatment of the faucet, come in many varieties. In order for the finish to be durable the general recommendations is to choose chrome finishes and PVD coatings. There are finishes which are “living finishes” that are not as durable. To give you an example, copper if left untreated develops a greenish patina. In some instances that might be desirable, but generally a homeowner wants the finish of the faucet they purchased to retain its original look.

old faucet[1]

Example of a faucet that is not treated


Visiting showrooms where you can actually use the faucet before purchasing is a good idea. They can give you further guidance on how to choose the right faucet.


              Rose After 103

                      Widespread Deck Mounted Faucet with Chrome Finish

                        Two Handle Centerset Faucet

                       Single Hole Faucet with Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish


                         Wall Mounted Faucet with Brushed Nickel Finish

                        Single Handle Brass Waterfall Faucet with Chrome Finish

               Bridge Lavatory Faucet with Cross Handles and Polished Brass Finish


























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