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Roofing Tips – The little details count!

September 21st, 2012 Posted in Remodeling Advice


Our project in North Corvallis allows us to show you why the little things are so important.  Our previous blog photos displayed the new second floor and roof framing at a residential addition.  The photos showed plywood decking used on the roof, while oriented-strand board (OSB) was used for the wall sheathing.

Different materials are used for different purposes.  For example if your roof trusses are 24” apart, plywood can give you a better span rating compared to other materials of the same thickness.  OSB is a more economical product, and is generally used on vertical, non-walking surfaces.

At Powell Construction, we take the quality a step further.  It is our practice to use thicker, 5/8” plywood above the eaves, so the ½” roofing nails do not poke through to the underside of the decking.  (If you have ever seen nails poking through, you understand it is not a good look.)

We also use AC plywood above the eaves, with the better surface down, so you don’t see the plywood plugs and imperfections of a lower-grade material.  Paint can’t hide those imperfections.

Below are two pictures of the underside of the eaves.

This is a clean, finished surface without imperfections, done by a professional.  These photos show the level of detail your construction project needs, and the level of attention you deserve.  Please contact us with your questions, comments, or ideas….. Powell Construction would like to help you attain your goals!


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