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Respect the Architecture

March 1st, 2013 Posted in General Design, Remodeling Advice

One of the hallmarks of a successful remodel or addition is that it’s difficult to tell where the existing building ends and the new work starts. Copying the style, materials, and details of the home you are adding to will give a seamless transition between the old and the new. Matching door and window styles, siding and trim details, and roof shapes and slopes, creates a more pleasing integration.

Few things are more visually jarring than an addition that does not fit with the original structure, and forever looks like an after-thought rather than a well planned extension. We’ve all seen houses with mismatched rooflines, incompatible materials, or inappropriate window and door placement. It’s often easy to count the haphazard additions, and sometimes even date them by the mismatched materials used.

It should be kept in mind that a poorly executed addition or remodel may detract from the appearance of your home, and instead of adding value actually decreases the value, or reduces curb appeal. A quality design-build company like Powell Construction of Corvallis can help you avoid making this mistake.

Because after all, a well thought out project that integrates well with the existing structure is a sign of a good designer with an eye for detail, and a respect for the architecture of your home.


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