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Making Decisions For Your Remodel-

March 21st, 2013 Posted in Remodeling Advice

Making decisions for a new remodeling project can be an overwhelming prospect.  From floor coverings to paint colors, tile colors and layout patterns, cabinet and counter selections, the possibilities are endless and may present a daunting proposition.

There are several ways to make this a more manageable endeavor, and even make it fun to do.  First, address the decisions in the order that construction will take place, so that they are made in a timely manner.  For an addition to your home for example, exterior materials, window, and door selections would be early in the process, with floor coverings and interior paint colors later in the process.

Next, make selections of items for which there are fewer options first, moving on to those which have more alternatives.  For a kitchen remodel, appliance colors are somewhat limited, while cabinet door styles, wood species, or stain colors are more numerous, and paint colors for walls are unlimited, and can be made after most other selections have been made.


Your Designer at Powell Construction will guide you through this process and provide you with a schedule for construction, and a timetable for when critical selections need to be made.  Keep in mind that some materials such as custom cabinetry, or special dimension doors and windows, have longer lead times for production and so must be ordered earlier than others to meet the construction schedule.

A remodel will be much more enjoyable and less stressful if decisions are made well before deadlines.  Waiting until the last moment or making selections in a hurry will only make you doubt your decisions. Remodeling your home can, and should, be a pleasant experience.

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