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Laundry Room Design and Storage Tips

March 14th, 2015 Posted in Design, General Design

Utilitarian spaces such as laundry rooms and mudrooms seldom receive the attention they deserve — which is odd when you consider how often they’re used. A well designed laundry room can greatly enhance the livability of your home.

With the addition of custom cabinets, a utility sink, and a washer and dryer, a properly planned utility room can serve multiple purposes: It can help simplify your household chores, store sports gear and school supplies, and even function as a grooming center for family pets.

Because of its double- or triple-duty potential, a laundry room remodel is a good investment for you and your family. A designer can help you make the most of your available space with creative cabinetry and shelving design. Once all the functional aspects are out of the way, you can incorporate decorative elements to help liven up those mundane chores.

resized albion-laundry-room2-wtmk

How do I add storage to my laundry room?

As you renovate your laundry space, help it serve multiple functions by incorporating clever built-ins. Include shelves and cabinets to store supplies like hangers, clothespins, sewing kits, irons and detergent —the leftover space can store pet accessories and seasonal items. To ensure that you deal with clothes right away, give yourself a table nearby the washer for folding, a pull-out drying rack for hanging and a hidden ironing board for crisply ironed clothes. Making it a one-stop shop will ensure that all your chores get done at once — no excuses!

resized albion-laundry-room3-wtmk

Multiple uses?

If you have a smaller home, using your utility room for multiple purposes is a great space-saving technique. Because it often has a utility sink, it naturally is a great place to feed and bathe your furry friends. It also easily transitions into a mudroom, where you can store extra shoes, sports equipment and winter clothing. If you have room for a built-in desk, it can be a drop station for mail, cell phones and keys — it can even function as a craft or wrapping station or homework center, with the right organization. Think about what your family needs the most, and incorporate that into the room.

Abion laundry room by Powell Const

How can I decorate my laundry room?

Because there isn’t a lot of counter space to spare, take advantage of your walls and floors when decorating. Bright paint or wallpaper can help make chores pleasant, while interesting lighting fixtures can add character to the space. Think of your storage containers as decor too: Find bins, baskets and hangers with fun patterns and colorful fabrics. The floor can also be a decorative element with the use of fun patterns or different tiles.


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