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New Home Design

June 30th, 2017 Posted in Design, General Design, Lodge Inspired Open Concept, New Home | Comments Off on New Home Design

Here at Powell Construction, we specialize in remodeling and additions. But on occasion we build a new home or a free-standing structure next to an existing home.

New construction involves a very different kind of design process than remodels or additions for several reasons. In our renovation work, we must always address the condition of the existing structure—including necessary maintenance, structural issues, code and the possibility of unseen conditions—beyond the particular goals of a project. We also have to consider how our new work relates to and ties in with the existing design, both stylistically and technologically.


For these reasons, remodeling and additions inevitably involve working with constraints of various kinds. Believe it or not, these concerns help keep our work varied and interesting, in that we have to use our problem-solving skills and creativity to properly attend to the many issues at hand. We feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as we fix long-standing problems while also renovating and adding on to our clients’ homes.

With new construction, on the other hand, many of the usual constraints fade away and we can focus our attention and talents almost exclusively to our clients’ vision for their new home. We work with them to get just what they want—within the limits of their budget, of course. Regulations can be a possible limitation, but tend to be less of a factor with a new home compared to an existing one.

A current project is a case in point. This home is for a couple and their extended family and is designed for both functionality  and aesthetics. Private spaces are zoned so that the residents and guests are at opposite ends of the house, with shared common spaces in between. It takes advantage of its site, with its expansive views of the Cascade Mountains. An outdoor living porch and a private library round out the home’s spaces.

The real opportunity in the design, however, is that it is carefully tailored to the clients’ aesthetic vision. Whereas the tone of a remodel might have been set with what existed before, in this case we have been able to pursue our clients’ vision in a relatively free way—not beset with the constraints we tend to encounter in our remodeling work.

Working in close collaboration with our clients—who sent us ideas and suggestions from their Houzz “Ideabooks”—we helped bring the design ideas into focus. As you can see in the images throughout this post, our digital modeling capabilities—something we use in all of our design work—allowed us to construct a virtual model of the house. Our clients could look at these images and even walk through their virtual home and see how the design and selections work together to achieve their vision for their new home.

Our 3D modeling is a useful tool to explore ideas, and lets both our designers and our clients confirm that the design has cohesiveness and meets their aesthetic vision. This helps make the construction process more predictable and less stressful—always our goal!

Finishes in the common spaces have been selected for a clean, fresh and light look, as you can see in this rendering of the living room from the kitchen.

In the private areas, warm materials work to bring about a cozy feeling.

The exterior takes advantage of east-facing views of the Cascades. The library, breakfast nook, living room, and master suite all have expansive views and windows that let in lots of morning light.

Having done our careful planning, we have now started construction. The foundation is in place and framing has begun. Stay tuned for updates as construction progresses. We look forward to sharing the journey with you!


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Outdoor Update

September 21st, 2016 Posted in Design, Outdoor Living | Comments Off on Outdoor Update

The decision of whether to shop for a new home and move or stay in your current home and renovate is something that many homeowners find themselves grappling with. There can be many reasons to want to stay in your house: large yard, safe schools and neighborhood, and convenient location may all be factors. In any renovation project, one should think of what you would need to change in order to fall in love your home again.

The assessment of your home might not stop at the interior but rather extend to the outdoors as well.


This family wanted a large outdoor living space to enjoy together; a place where they could gather for meals, barbecues, or an evening fire. This new spacious patio offers plenty of shade during hot summer days as well as protection from rain and other inclement weather. The beautifully stained cedar ceiling adds drama to the space, while the skylights and exposed beams give an airy feel.


To bring in extra light, skylights were installed.

A large ceiling fan was also installed to help the patio stay cool even on the warmest days.



The new patio cover changes the whole look of the house, increasing its overall value and its everyday livability. It looks like a whole new house!

Stay tuned to see the transformation of this home’s kitchen in our next post.

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Vintage Home Meets Modern Kitchen Pt. 2

August 1st, 2016 Posted in Design, Kitchen Design | Comments Off on Vintage Home Meets Modern Kitchen Pt. 2

As this kitchen remodel nears completion I thought I’d post some updated photos.

IMG_20160720_154518515 (1)Cropped and Corected

A gray quartz countertop was selected, which pairs beautifully with the dark tile backsplash and mosaic accent. Custom maple cabinets were stained white to enhance the clean and modern look the homeowner sought. A soft blue paint was decided upon to complement the cool and calming atmosphere of the home. The homeowner chose a modern black tile floor that extends from the kitchen into the family room to create one large entertaining space. Our contractors installed radiant heating below the tile to keep the family’s home warm and cozy throughout the cold winters.


Close up view of the island showcasing the built in cooktop with beautiful stainless and glass vent hood.

IMG_20160720_154444870 (1)corrected and cropped

The new island increases the functionality of the kitchen and helps bring the two rooms together as one unified space.

IMG_20160720_154610170 (1)Lightened

The design of the custom cabinetry includes a message center with ample storage.

Some selections:

floor bailey                 countertop bailey

Tile Floor:                                       Countertop:

Emser in Midnight Black Slate         Cronin Quartz in Greystone

cronincompany-urban-antracite                 accent tile

Backsplash Main Tile:                      Backsplash Accent Tile:

Cronin Urban in Anthracite             Florida Tile Bliss in Smoky Mica

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Vintage Home Meets Modern Kitchen

July 23rd, 2016 Posted in Kitchen Design, Remodeling Projects | Comments Off on Vintage Home Meets Modern Kitchen

Here are some progress photos of a kitchen that we’re remodeling in Corvallis. Originally, this kitchen had a U-shaped design with outdated tile counters, laminate flooring, and 1950’s cabinets. This family was seeking a more functional kitchen that was inviting and open to the family room with plenty of light and windows to enhance their beautiful hillside views. This charming 1950’s home is full of character and the homeowner wanted the new design to reflect that.


The homeowners longed for a modern kitchen with a reconfigured design to include a large island with cooktop. The original kitchen was of good size, which gave the designer plenty of room to play with and explore new options for the family. This design would increase the open feel of the home between the kitchen and the family room, which were currently being separated by the two tiered peninsula.


New configuration with large island, new windows, enlarged opening into dining room, pantry where desk used to be.

Next up, the homeowners desired improved storage for the family. Originally, the family room adjacent to the kitchen had a large closet that was being used as storage, but the homeowner wanted a custom built-in for this unique space.


Original cabinet that did not fit the space.


New custom maple cabinetry that matches kitchen to add additional storage and tie both rooms together.

Open to Possibilities

April 28th, 2016 Posted in Design, General Design | Comments Off on Open to Possibilities

What comes to mind when you think of your dream remodel? Chances are, it includes a bright, open multipurpose space. A space that is advantageous for cooking, dining, entertaining, and living. For these purposes and many more, the open plan is becoming a standard in new construction. It has proven to be essential for adapting to our modern lifestyle and complex schedules with its fluidity of space. With this slowly becoming the norm, many people in Corvallis that are purchasing or are currently living in an older home are planning to update. This takes careful design and coordination to incorporate your needs and achieve a practical remodel that will stand the test of time. The Gazette Times wrote an article on one of our current projects that covers just that—updating an older home by creating an open plan. They followed it throughout the construction process. Their article features this project as well as market trends in Corvallis.

With this home, the owners desired a new open plan that can be flexible with their lifestyle. We worked together to first design a large, inviting, and open kitchen with a central island facing the living area to define the space and make entertaining a breeze. Following this, we assessed other important needs that could be met with the remainder of the space. This included accommodating a large dining table and adding a central chandelier overhead. The remainder of their living area became flex space. Lately, we see technology gradually becoming a focal point of projects. Many new and innovative products have become available that attract homeowners. Technology played a large part in this remodel. A charging dock near the entry was created to eliminate kitchen clutter, as well as USB charging outlets. These were peppered throughout the space to keep this home adaptable to many devices and up-to-date with the current technology. With all of these changes, the newly remodeled space is open to numerous new possibilities!

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