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Bring the Outdoors In

January 20th, 2012 Posted in Hot Tub Addition, Remodeling Projects

What could be more romantic than using your hot tub on a clear and starry night, surrounded by glass and protected from the elements? This addition brings the outdoors in and allows the homeowners to enjoy their hot tub year round.

To create an outdoor feel we used as many windows and skylights as the building code would allow. The cover can be opened fully and folded into a recess in the tile for upright storage. Drawers built into the tile provide convenient storage for hot tub supplies and accessories.

In order to keep the costs down, we used ceramic tile that mimics slate. The tile was used on the hot tub deck, floor and shower stall. To add visual interest & provide better slip resistance, mosaic tiles of the same material were used on the shower stall floor and products niche.

For a dramatic design statement, we selected Pental deep blue countertops with added sparkles. These Pental Terazzo Trend Q countertops are not only beautiful, but are also made with 70% post industrial recycled materials. The delicate sloping lines of the Kohler sink add just the right contrast.

This before photo is taken in the same direction the new hot tub is now located.  With the new addition and relocation of fixtures,  enjoying the hot tub on a stormy winter night can be just as romantic.

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