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A Living Kitchen

Today’s kitchen is no longer just an area for food preparation. Americans are finding that their families and guests tend to congregate in the kitchen, making it feel more like Grand Central Station than an area for preparing and consuming meals. Food preparation is difficult when you can’t get to all your supplies and ingredients without weaving through onlookers.

For this reason designers must consider how the space is being used to create a truly delightful and efficient living kitchen. Cooking, eating, storage, projects, and entertaining all can be included in a space designed for multi-purposes.

Some families may want a message center while others may desire a more elaborate household management area with a desk and computer area. If a location to do homework is needed, an education center can help keep the kids’ papers from being intermingled with the food. If a TV is desirable, consider who’ll be watching it � the cook, those at the table, those at the snack bar? Position it so the angle works for the intended audience and the lighting doesn’t create a glare. Wine coolers and coffee centers are best placed outside of the work triangle, accessible, yet limiting traffic in cooking and food prep areas. Is a pet feeding station needed? Drawers can tuck away pet supplies to keep the kitchen looking tidy.

A living kitchen helps clients enjoy more time with their friends and families by opening up the kitchen to encompass other areas thereby making the space more functional. This allows multiple users to be involved in multiple activities simultaneously while enjoying each other’s company.

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