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A Welcoming Entry

The entry to a home is a very important part of a home’s design. Consider the entry from both an exterior and interior point of view.

As far as curb appeal goes the entry is critical to the home’s overall appearance. A covered entrance adds character as well as providing protection from the Oregon weather. It’s important that guests stay dry while they wait and you stay dry while you look for your keys. Visitors should have a clear picture of where the entrance is. This can be done through adding structure to the entry, landscaping, and providing an appealing walkway. A stately door also makes a statement about where guests are expected to enter.

The interior of an entry should be roomy enough that at least two people can comfortably stand and take off their coats. There should be appropriate nearby places to hang coats or place shoes if desired.

The transition between the entry and the entertaining area is something that deserves special attention. The goal is to draw people into your home and guide them to a comfortable gathering area. The layout of the home should be designed in a way that makes it clear which way traffic should flow. Think about the shapes of rooms and their connection to adjacent rooms. Consider your lines of sight and make sure the kitchen sink or a toilet, for instance, isn’t visible from the front door.

A well-designed entry makes an excellent first impression. Give it the attention that it deserves.

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