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Over the Garage Additions

An addition built over an existing garage is a popular way to gain extra room in your house. This space can be used for a child returning home, a master suite, a study, a guest suite, or a mother-in-law suite. The space can be designed to include a full bath or efficiency kitchen if desired.

There are three main reasons for adding on over the garage. First, there is a structural advantage in that the foundation doesn’t need to be modified. Second, valuable yard space is not lost. Third, the impact on existing landscaping is minimized since access to the construction is easier. Materials and equipment don’t have to be hauled in and out of a backyard with limited access but rather can just be driven up the driveway.

In addition, an over-the-garage addition has the potential to architecturally improve the overall look of a home. There’s a stereotypical view of these types of additions consisting of a box plunked down on the top of a garage. This does not at all need to be the case. A skilled design/build firm with experience in the structural, aesthetic, and budgetary trade offs can help guide you through the design and selection process.

The economic and land use reality in Corvallis makes this form of addition popular because of our lot sizes and city planning constraints. Although they seem structurally complicated, over-the-garage additions are actually relatively straightforward to build for a company that has experience with them. Contact a design/build firm to assess the suitability of your home for an over-the-garage addition.

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