Why Powell Construction?

  • Established in 1990
  • Design-Build Experts
  • Clear Communication
  • Detailed Estimates
  • Fixed Price Contracts
  • Printed Schedules
  • Many Repeat Customers
  • Award Winning Designs

Reducing the Stress in Remodeling

Everyone knows that remodeling can be stressful. There are decisions to be made, furniture has to be moved, and there will be dust and noise. During the course of the remodel your space will no longer be entirely your own.

What can you do to reduce your stress level during such an exciting yet trying time?

  • Select a contractor with a sound reputation. If you’ve done your homework you can rest assured that you will get a quality product and be treated fairly.
  • Ask questions upfront about dust and floor protection methods so you don’t need to worry as the job progresses.
  • Request a schedule of deadlines such as when you need to have the area cleared for work and when you have to make various selections.
  • Be organized. Set aside a space in you home away from the construction to store your construction file. Keep copies of change orders, meeting notes, the contract, the estimate, your selection deadlines, etc. all in one place.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of the project and keep a good attitude.
  • Maintain an upbeat atmosphere in your home with good, basic human relations. Nothing makes workers work harder than a word of appreciation (or cookies).
  • Don’t ignore problems or disappointments, bring them up with your contractor at your regularly scheduled meeting.
  • Stick to your usual routines as much as possible. Exercise regularly and treat yourself well. Your house may be undergoing a transformation but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to nurture yourself.

With a little bit of mental preparation, a positive outlook, and a dependable contractor you can rest assured that your remodeling experience will be worthwhile!

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