Why Powell Construction?

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Are You Ready for the Future?

Don’t get caught unprepared when planning for your future housing needs. Baby boomers are remodeling their homes to accommodate their changing needs throughout their lives.

Upgrades include: moving the master bedroom to the main level, widening hallways, installing bathroom grab bars, and adding rear entry ramps.

Boomers are opting to make these changes sooner rather than later. In a recent AARP housing survey, 83% of respondents said they want to remain in their current homes for the rest of their lives. For those that plan to stay in their homes it’s prudent to make any adaptations before they are actually necessary. Undertaking a remodeling project in times of crisis can be unnecessarily stressful. Instead, consider retrofitting your home to meet your long-term needs.

Various loans are available to homeowners and the changes are likely to increase a home’s value. The stock market is one type of investment that those planning for retirement count on, but your home is a more personal investment in your future and one that will directly impact your comfort and convenience during your retirement years. As always, select a reliable remodeler to protect the quality of your investment.

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