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Remodeling for the Future

You don’t have to change addresses to get the home you want. An open mind about the potential of your home is the key to keeping up with future lifestyle changes.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do once the kids move out? Will you sell your home and move into a smaller one? Buy a condominium? Or would you like to stay in your home and remodel? The good news is that you don’t have to change addresses to have the home you want.

The internal functioning of your house can be reconfigured to provide you with everything you want in your new lifestyle. Plans could include a recreation room complete with pool table and wet bar; an exercise room with adjacent space for a sauna; or a private suite for frequent weekend guests. And what better place can there be for the grandkids to play when they come to visit for a few days while mom and dad are off on a romantic weekend getaway.

Often when the kids move out homeowners find new uses for the kids’ bedrooms. Over time they realize that these bedrooms don’t function as well as they expected as a den, study, or guestroom. They want to open up the space for entertaining, update the look of their home, or turn a cramped, dark entry into an inviting formal way to bring guests into their home That bedroom at the end of the hall may not be suitable for a master suite as it is, but walls can be rearranged to turn it into a comfortable bedroom with a generous bath.

An open mind about the potential of your home is the key to keeping up with future lifestyle changes. Your “expandable home” plans should take into account activities you enjoy doing in the home, ~e size of your family (and extended family) and future plans you might have for entertaining. An experienced contractor and designer can help you to evaluate your home’s potential and walk you through the process of remodeling.

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