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Remodeling the Family Studio

If your home is not large enough to accommodate a separate office, mudroom, or a laundry room, why not combine all three. The latest addition the remodeling scene is “the family studio”.

A room adjoining the kitchen or garage is a perfect place for the family studio. Here the family can gather after work or school and spend time together. Families need a place where they can organize schedules and communicate with one another about the upcoming week. While dinner is being prepared, you can help the kids with their homework, throw in a load of wash, or pay a few hills.

More and more the kitchen has become the place for entertaining. You don’t want to clutter it up with a computer, desk, stacks of mail, bills, or that treasured paper Mache project your child is working on.

The ideal family studio should have plenty of counter space for hobbies, a place for the computer, plus enough room for school and work projects. Cupboards can hold items that don’t necessarily belong in the kitchen – anything From tall vases to arts & crafts and laundry supplies. Flat drawers are perfect for storing wrapping paper.

Since no two spaces are alike, a good designer will take into consideration individual family member’s needs when designing the overall layout. Also, consider types of lighting and special wiring for computers and music. Having the right height for chairs, tables? and computers is important. The flooring and workspaces should be easy to clean. Vinyl flooring will take heavy traffic and insure easy clean up when repotting those plants or cleaning up spills. A good designer can help you with all the details.

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