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Types of Wood

Oak has for years been the most popular wood for cabinetry. It’s a durable wood and can be stained in a variety of depths of color. A combination of birch and alder is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners are turning to a less grainy look. Birch/alder is not as hard as oak or cherry, however, it achieves the look of cherry without the associated cost.

Pine is a very soft wood that is yellow to amber in tone. It is usually treated with a clear-finish and prized for it’s “country” look.

Maple is one of the harder woods, also with less grain pattern. It fits well in the modern kitchen with a clean, updated look. Maple tends to be fairly expensive.

Cherry is a versatile wood that can achieve a wide range of effects, depending on the stain. If cherry is treated with a clear finish it will initially appear as a golden brown with a hint of red, eventually darkening in time.

Hickory is a richly patterned wood that provides a rustic look. It’s a dense wood that holds up well and is only slightly more costly than oak.

Exotic woods such as mahogany tend to be avoided these days because of concern for the rain forests. The look of mahogany can be achieved by staining cherry.

Your Contractor can help you wade through these choices, along with door, hardware and trim selections, to create truly beautiful cabinetry.

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