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Universal Remodeling Designs

Homeowners are increasingly asking for modifications based on the principles of Universal Design. This term is used for architectural features and products that are designed to enhance livability and make tasks easier for everyone, young and old.

People’s lives and circumstances are changing all the time and it’s important that the design of your home can adapt to these transitions. Many homeowners plan for eventual changes to their household by adding mother-in-law suites. As families evolve, these additions can be used as guest suites or accommodate an aging parent. Versatility is a key factor.

Other typical Universal Design modifications include levers on faucet handles and doors instead of knobs, wider doorways for wheelchair accessibility, and ground-floor bedrooms. All these adaptations help homeowners to stay in their homes longer.

Homes can be designed to help avoid falls, not just accommodate a person’s impaired ability after a fall has happened. Some consideration should be paid to lighting and level change visibility.

Increasingly, families are becoming determined to make changes to their homes rather than move. The principles of Universal Design are useful in enabling homes to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the modern American Family.

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