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What Women Want in the Remodeling Process

By Heidi Powell

A woman’s home is not just a place to eat and sleep. It’s her retreat from the world, a reflection of herself, a gathering place for her family. When it comes to remodeling, women have a significant influence on decisions. What are women looking for in their homes?

Women today are busy, busy. A woman multitasks her way through the day. She needs spaces designed to allow her to function for her family and entertain, while keeping children close yet not underfoot. She wants the everyday stressors and irritants such as mail piled on the kitchen table or limited and disorganized storage space to be remedied. In addition she wants private space for her to retreat to in those times of high stress, a tranquil area to unwind.

Relaxing bathrooms and custom kitchens are at the top of many women’s wish lists, as are private studies. These rooms provide practical functions as well as give a woman the opportunity to show her personal flare. A woman wants to be true to herself in what she helps to create. She wants her home to be as unique and special as she is. Ultimately the goal of a remodel is to improve quality of life. This is achieved by working side by side with a qualified design/build company to accurately assess any failings in the home’s current layout and turn them into opportunities; opportunities to both express personal style and to fit form to true function. Remodeling isn’t an off-the-shelf stock item, it’s a process whereby your home is recreated to be in-tune with your personality and lifestyle. At Powell Construction we have women Designers and Estimators who can meet with you to learn about your needs and help guide you through the process.

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