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— Jan Peterson

Kitchen Design with Addition – Corvallis, Oregon

kitchen remodel, pine counter, baking center, white cabinets
This extensive kitchen remodel added 75 square feet and relocated all three legs of the work triangle: sink, refrigerator, and range. Previously, the work triangle used three of the four walls of the kitchen and consumed basically the entire floor area. To accommodate the need for traffic flow through the space, the upper corner of the kitchen was made into a pantry/baking center and the remaining space was used to create the work triangle.

kitchen remodel, pine counter, baking center, white cabinets

To increase storage and ease of access, several unique products were used. A blind corner optimizer was installed in each corner cabinet. These accessories pull out and then pivot to allow access to the “blind” part of the cabinet. Also, all of the lower cabinets have roll-out shelves. The cabinet above the fridge is equipped with flipper doors that fold back into the cabinet and a cable jack, so that the TV can be seen from the dining room, when desired.

kitchen remodel, pine counter, baking center, white cabinets

The simple door and pull styles and painted cabinets match the Cape Cod charm of the rest of the home. To add visual interest, some of the cabinets have glass doors with divided lites that match the windows. Notice the beautiful pine countertops! This unique feature really adds a New England appeal to the space. The look of the cabinets was kept simple: for example, quarter panel doors with a center mullion and a plain, 4×4 white tile backsplash. However, small flourishes such as crown molding throughout the room and staggered cabinet heights highlight the design as a whole.

kitchen remodel, pine counter, baking center, white cabinets