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Small Kitchen Remodeled – Philomath, Oregon

kitchen remodel, maple cabinets, bamboo flooring, curved countertopThis small kitchen underwent a radical transformation from dark and dated to bright and airy. The homeowners wanted a more visually appealing space and a work area that would connect them to their guests while cooking and entertaining.

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The old kitchen had cabinets above the peninsula that cut off the kitchen and the chef. The lofty vaulted ceilings in the other areas of the home stopped abruptly at the kitchen peninsula, making it feel even smaller and more closed in.

Removing the hanging cabinets and vaulting this kitchen’s ceiling opened up the space and allowed for a continuation of the living room’s vault. The physical height, additional light from a well-positioned new skylight, recessed fixtures, and accent lighting now fully illuminate this kitchen that was previously dark due to its forested location. Light maple cabinets and a lighter bamboo floor visually brighten and open the room while the Terazzo glass backsplash adds sparkle.

A curvilinear countertop on the peninsula that is extended beyond the cabinet base visually connects the kitchen to the living room. It also allows guests to comfortably interact with the cook and provides a larger buffet serving area.

kitchen remodel, maple cabinets, bamboo flooring, curved countertop

This combination of rearranged physical features and new surfaces, makes the room appear larger and more inviting. It is now the perfect kitchen for a secluded wooded retreat.